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Sunday, May 6th, 2007

The other day I put La Tempesta up on stands and proceeded to change the clutch hose and bleed the clutch. Since there’s no record of the last change of clutch fluid, I expected the worst. As explained earlier, the clutch engages a bit when everything’s warmed up, which makes it very hard to get the car into 1st or reverse.

Slave cylinder and hoseThe clutch bleed screw is located on the slave cylinder on the gear box itself, which makes it very hard to reach. The flex hose between the main and slave cylinder is quite easy to change, but I had to give it a healthy dose of WD-40 and wait a while before attempting to loosen it. The nipple on the clutch tube came loose with a sharp noise, and for a while the hairs on my neck stood on end! Because of the undercoating, the nipple had stuck to the tube, and when I applied force to the nipple, the brittle undercoating on the tube cracked. Phew! The clutch flex hose is mounted excactly the same way as the brake hoses. After changing the hose, we attempted to bleed the clutch …

First up: I have never bled a clutch before, so we tried to bleed it like we bled the brakes. After attaching a bleed hose and turning the bleed screw a quarter turn, we started pumping the clutch pedal slowly. The fluid that came out was as black as high quality espresso! The fluid reservoir was covered in black gunk on the inside. The reservoir was in fact so gunky, it was impossible to see the fluid level in it. After about half a litre of brake fluid, there was nothing but clear fluid coming out of the bleed hose. No air and no black particles.

montystands1.jpgclutchhose1.jpgMontreal on stands

Since the Monty only is raised in the front, I’ll check the clutch later when all four wheels are on the ground. If the clutch engages while the front wheels are up on stands with the engine running, it’ll ruin the whole day ;)

Next job: drain and clean the coolant circuit. This will prove interesting since the drain screws are as inaccessible as something on Mars. Oh, well …

P.S. The flex hose is misaligned in the threads because I temporarily placed it in the slave cylinder hole to take a picture.