Back in the bunker (for now)

La Tempesta is again back in the concrete bunker (colocquially known as “the garage”) awaiting funds. We went to Frode’s place to pick it up Thursday evening with a friend of mine’s enclosed car trailer, hauling it 30 kms behind Bjarne’s Volvo V70. Roughly about half the work is done since the driver’s side is left untouched to be used as a reference for the passenger’s side. Frode have prepared the bare metal for storage, and in the weeks before the winter sets in I’m going to clean the cabin of as much sound deadening material as possible.

I forgot to bring my camera as usual, so the only pictures of the move is a couple of mobile phone snapshots. Once the car was parked safely in the bunker, it was too dark to take any pictures with the flashless phone camera.

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