(The dreaded) Interiors

Allright, this is the part of the restoration I’ve been dreading all along; renewing the interiors. Drilling out screws in the suspension, removing rust spots, battling with stuck nuts, identifying bad parts and painting everything was fun, tangible and rewarding. Fixing up the interiors, on the other hand, is probably not something my hands were meant to do. The job’s too fiddly, the materials too fragile and I’m not sure how to go about it. Nevertheless, it has to be done since it looks rather awful with its varying shades of orangy red and yellow crumbs of disintegrating seat stuffing everywhere.

Some of the sound proofing mats were already removed by Frode when he did his cutting and welding, but there’s plenty more to remove. The asphalt mats on the floor itself have barely been touched, and I’m currently researching the best way to remove the sticky stuff (read: drinking coffee while googling and getting lost in other people’s restoration writeups). Using an oscillating knife-thingy or dry ice looks promising, but we’ll see.

I also found a leftover from some poor chap at the Bertone factory; a piece of string carefully bent and twirled into a hook, left preserved under the sound proofing under the passenger’s side seat. I wonder if he knows where it ended up?

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