The Fein Multimaster

Yesterday afternoon I was in the bunker using a temporary free space to change the outer tie rod ends on my Fiat Punto. Working inside with the 4 kW heater at full blast was definitely better than doing it on the shingles in my driveway. The temperature is below freezing around the clock now. The work took about 45 minutes (including a coffee break), and the new tie rod ends means I only have to change a couple of rusty brake lines to pass the bi-annual technical inspection. Oh, and the light above the license plate. But I digress …

After cleaning up after myself I rifled through some of the Øystein’s fancy new tools, among them a brand new Fein Multimaster! Since his 1750 GTV is still at the bodyshop I called him up immediately and asked to borrow it to remove the sound deadening on the Montreal floors. He accepted after I threw on-call tech support for his upcoming Alfa forum upgrade into the barter 😉 I looked at a Fein in the past finding it rather expensive, so this was quite the lucky break.

I did a really quick test of the oscillating knife which is the Fein Multimaster, and boy does it eat away at the sticky asphalt-y stuff! It’s still going to be a lot of elbow grease involved, but now in only half the time.

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