More scraping

Progress is slow these days since the garage temperature is well below zero. The interior plastics are a little too brittle to handle, and the working conditions is thoroughly demotivating. I’m putting a couple of hours now and then however, so the sound deadening removal is almost complete. That is, on the floors proper and everywhere else the sheet metal’s going to be cut.

The scraper blade on the Fein Multimaster is more or less used up, but the other day I went by Biltema and picked up their cheap-ish version of this splendid multitool. It runs on a small battery which provides about 30 minutes of scraping. The upside is that there’s no power cable in the way, plus the tool is much smaller and lighter than the more professional Fein.

There is evidence of previous rust repairs on the driver’s side too. The jack point have definitely been replaced at one point, and the handyman have left a rather ugly weld seam on the inside floor which have long since developed rust. It’s going out anyway, so no worries there. La Tempesta is going back to Myhr Industrial in early March to have the rust repairs completed. Provided the pile of rust money lasts long enough, that is.

I’m also going to bring home the various interior pieces and attempt to give them a thorough wash with the missus’ steam cleaner. I’m starting with the cabin vent covers. We’ll see how it goes. This year’s goal is to make everything between the A- and B-pillars rust free, nothing more. If there’s any money left after that, I’m having one of the seats re-stuffed and beautified.

Rust repairs in the driver's side footwell

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