Seats getting a makeover

A couple of items of good news in the freezing cold and relentless snowfall; the seats are to be redone by a guy who is an actual car upholsterer. Yes, a trained professional car upholsterer, although he’s a teacher by day. I am more than happy to let him do the job since my own two hands apparently have other purposes in life than doing work like this, and I have also in practice given him an “it’s-finished-when-it’s-finished” sort of deadline. He only wanted to do it in his spare time since they are Montreal seats (i.e rare). Now I only need to find three hours of spare time to transport them to him (and set aside some serious money) 😉

The other good news is that Erlend have (finally!) gone and equipped oour bunker-like concrete garage with a 29kW propane heater. We have discussed the issue of condensation when it’s -10°C outside, but we decided to give Øystein’s de-humidifier a run for its money to compensate. We’ll see. There’s little point in hiding the cars away from the salt if they’re going to rust even faster.

You want a picture with that? Sorry, you can’t have one 😉

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