Montreal technical documentation

Here are a few links to Alfa Romeo Montreal technical documentation I have stored online. Since the Montreal was never sold in great numbers in english speaking markets, most available documentation tends to be in German, Italian or French. Please be aware that this is just a tiny set of rather obscure information. The all-encompassing and definitive source of (known) Montreal information is as always Bruce Taylor’s Alfa Romeo Montreal website.

File Note
ZF S5-18/3 5-speed, synchro-mesh gear box, specifications1 German, French and English, PDF, 1.4 MB (not a workshop manual)
X-Ray view of the ZF S5-18/3 gear box JPG, 123 KB
Sectional view of the ZF S5-18/3 gear box PDF, 348 KB
ZF Lok-O-Matic Limited Slip Differential Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen Lok-O-Matic sales brochure. PDF, 841 KB
ZF DL-series Limited Slip Differentials, technical specifications Lok-O-Matic Typenblatt G 4061 675003. Not a workshop manual! PDF, 3.4 MB
ZF Lok-O-Matic installation and maintenance instructions ZF Lok-O-Matic self locking differential, installation and maintenance/overhaul instructions. Note: this document only deals with the locking parts of the differential. German. PDF, 5.7 MB
ZF S5-18/3 Service Manual DIASS publication no. 1853. Italian, PDF, 38MB
Ignition adjustment data JPG, 1,1 MB
Valve adjustment, tightening torques, wheel adjustment JPG, 800 KB
Adjustment of 4- and 8-cyl SPICA injection pumps Translated from German to Norwegian by Thorodd Thoroddsson (German DIASS version available here), PDF, 11 MB
Dummy TA with measurements in mm. Technical drawing with measurements. Norwegian. PDF, 393 KB
Michelin Classic Tyres catalogue 2009 Technical info on Michelin X, XAS, XDX and XWX tyres. English, PDF, 550KB
2600 – Giulia – 1750 – Montreal Special Tools Catalogue DIASS publication no. 1678. No drawings or pictures. May 1971. PDF, 7 MB
Montreal characteristics, inspection, specifications and overhaul directions DIASS publication no. 1785, June 1971. PDF, 16 MB. This doc is also part of the Montreal workshop manual which is available from several places.

1 The Montreal ZF S5-18/3 gear ratios are like this:

Gear Ratio
1. gear 2.99:1
2. gear 1.76:1
3. gear 1.30:1
4. gear 1.00:1
5. gear 0.87:1
Reverse 3.64:1 or 3.67:1