About this blog (Impressum)

This blog has one simple goal; to document the previous history, ownership and slow restoration/refurbishing/refreshing of an Alfa Romeo Montreal. The restoration tends to be done in bursts because I also have a full time job and a family to tend to, so don’t expect updates every day.

Für Deutsche Besucher:  Weil ich ein biβchen Deutsch sprechen, Sie können Bloganmerkungen auf Deutsch bilden wenn Sie wünschen. Wenn Sie Abbildungen des Autos haben, als die ehemaligen Inhaber es besassen (lesen Sie bitte dieses), Ich würde glücklich sein, wenn ich eine Kopie erhalten könnte. Verwenden Sie bitte das email address unten. Danke Schön.

Text and photos are © Tor Willy Austerslått unless otherwise specified. Please do not link directly to the pictures in this blog, and please ask permission before using text or photos from this blog. I have no affiliation with any of the companies, suppliers or vendors mentioned here. You can contact me using twa@break-left.org.

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My 164 TS

In the foreground is what used to be my daily driver, an Alfa Romeo 164 TS called “Ford”.

The car got its name in April 2006 after being transported through a terrible sleet blizzard on its way to a garage. That, and the fact that the Italian phrase for “The Storm” is female. La Tempesta is definitely female 😉

I also want to say a big “thank you” to Gabor Kovacs and Svein Fossum who are grand “old” men among the Norwegian alfisti. Many big and small technical epiphanies of mine comes directly from them, plus they drove and tuned Alfas while I pondered getting a moped 😉 I’d also like to thank Bruce Taylor a lot for his unmatched knowledge of all things Montreal, his support group (well, it’s actually a mailing list) and for all the Montreal information he’s gathered and shared over the years. Jim Neill, AROC USA librarian, also deserves a note of appreciation for handing out technical information like his life depended on it. Thanks guys!

About me
I was born in 1967 somewhere in the middle of northern Norway and I’m a computer guy by trade. Technology and science is my kinda thing, although managerial work and paper shuffling is not. As a teen I worked in one of the old fashioned petrol stations where you could have the car serviced … by me! That’s when I learnt the basics of fiddling with cars, that most things eventually wears out and that something expensive tends to break of you mentally look away for a moment. That is my background, and that is the reason I actually don’t know what I’m doing when I work on the Montreal.