About the car

La Tempesta, July 2006Alfa Romeo Montreal
Type: 105.64
Chassis number: AR*1428144
Engine number: AR00564*S0527*

Engine: 16-valve 2593cm3 (158 cid), 90° dry-sump V8 with balanced (90° or cross plane) crankshaft. DOHC for each cylinder bank. SPICA indirect mechanical injection. 230 hp SAE/200 hp DIN. 235 Nm torque at 4,750 rpm.

Officially manufactured 31. December 1972
Sold to Alfa Romeo Frankfurt (the German importer) 14. May 1973

It then spent 21 months in a Bonn showroom…

Sold to the first owner 16. January 1975
Sold to the second owner 12. April 1977
Sold to the third owner in the autumn of 2000

I bought it from the third owner, Markus Irgel, 23. October 2005. Its mileage was 91,959 kms.

See The Montreal’s known history for more details. The car was originally AR521 Rosso, but it had been repainted a different red probably some time during the 90’s. The new red colour has a lot of orange in it and is similar to Farina Red.

Things I have done

  • July 2006: replaced both original fuel pumps with remanufactured pumps
  • February-June 2006: changed all rubber fuel hoses
  • April 2006: replaced fuel filters in the engine bay and fuel tank
  • June 2006: cleaned and lubricated the distributor (not the ignition advance)
  • June 2006: scrubbed down and cleaned the interior
  • Winter 2006: washed and repaired all the interior mats
  • July 2006: changed gear oil (SAE30 monograde)
  • July 2006: replaced the black windscreen wipers with chrome ones
  • September 2006: SPICA Thermostatic Actuator repaired by Wes Ingram
  • October 2006: replaced battery with a 65Ah (originally 64Ah)
  • April 2007: 5 new tires, Vredestein Sprint Classic 205/70-VR14
  • April 2007: fuel pumps grounded separately
  • May 2007: replaced voltage regulator
  • May 2007: changed oil and filter (93,000 kms)
  • May 2007: replaced fuel tank filter gasket with a self made rubber/cork gasket
  • August 2007: cleaned the cooling system and replaced water (!) with a 35% glycol mix
  • September 2007: Changed brushes in the dynamo. Cleaned it up and repacked bearings
  • September 2008: rear axle: changed some bushes/silentblocs and mounted Bilstein Sport gas shocks
  • September 2008: repaired the windscreen washer and replaced the relevant tubing
  • October 2008: started a complete rebuild of the rear and front suspension, including wheel bearings and bushings
  • March-May 2009: Replaced guibo, propshaft support bearing and rear axle wheel bearings. Differential oil changed (Shell Spirax 90 LS). Differential oil cooler gasket changed.
  • April 2010: suspension rebuild complete. All bearings and bushings changed. Classic Alfa handling kit and Bilstein gas schocks installed.
  • May 2010: changed oil and filter (98,300 kms). Used Agip Super Motor Oil 20W/50 and a Mann W920/80 oil filter.

Things to do

  • New exhaust
  • Adjust idle, ignition and injection pump
  • Weld rust etc. etc.
  • Clean up the magnesium wheels
  • Replace decorative trim on the door insides
  • New interior mats (full set)
  • Fix interior lights
  • Replace outer door handles
  • Fix and adjust rear window locking mechanism
  • Put on the stainless steel trim in the nose
  • Replace ugly, aftermarket trim on the outside with the original pieces
  • Put on Bertone badges
  • Repaint to AR521 Rosso

Winter storage
24. October 2005 – 8. April 2006. Mileage while in storage: 91959
22. October 2006 – 2. April 2007. Mileage while in storage: 92455
24. October 2007 – 3. April 2008. Mileage while in storage: 97130

The current Montreal colour codeLa Tempesta, May 2007Agip SAE 20W-50 Super Motor Oilcrw_4796_448×800.jpgcrw_4801_512×800.jpgcrw_4797_800×533.jpg